Aircraft air start units are the power source that provide the initial movement and rotation of large aircraft turbine engines. The gas turbine spools are rotated due to a very large volume of compressed air that directly contacts the blades, which drives the engine through a geared turbine motor.Aircraft air start units are generally powered using an on-board auxiliary power unit, cross-feeding air from a currently running engine, or a portable gas generator that a ground crew member supplies.

Compared to electric starters, air start units have a higher power-to-weight ratio, which measures the all-around performance of an engine or engine start unit. Electric start units tend to also run very hot if the engine does not start right away, whereas air start units will run for as long as the air supply lasts. Air start units also weight about 75% less than corresponding electric units. Ultimately, air starters are safer, lighter, and more efficient than choosing electric starters.

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