Hobart 90G20P Series

90G20P Series: DC/AC GPU

  • Make: Hobart
  • Model: 90G20P
  • Category: AC/DC GPU
  • Year: —
  • Dimensions: L: 100″, W: 79″, H: 70″, Weight: 6,000 Lbs
  • Ground Power Unit 90 KVA 400 Cycle with 1,800 amps peak start and 800 amps continuous.
  • Load Tested & Re-conditioned.



90G20P GPU Series

The purpose the 90G20P Series is to produce and deliver regulated 400-Hz, 115/200-V AC power to a parked aircraft for operation of the aircraft’s electrical equipment when the on-board generators are not running. The generator set is also capable of supplying 28.5-V DC, 35-V DC, or 112-V DC power when equipped with special optional T-R (transformer rectifier) packages.

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