Air Conditioning Unit ACQ-20RT

Each ACU manufactured for Aviation GSE comes standard, in compliance with IATA and AHM recommendations with a cooling/ventilation and heating capacity of 20RT. These units are ideal for cab-in and motor cooling serving aircrafts up to B737/A319. This unit is also in compliance with IATA and AHM recommendations.



Air Conditioning Unit ACQ 20RT


Functions: Cooling, Ventilation and Heating

Dimensions without trailer (L x W x H): 5200 x 2200 x 2550 mm

Dimensions with Trailer (L x W x H): 204.7 x 86.6 x 100.4 inch

Loading Capacity: 6,000kg (13,228 lbs)

Engine: Diesel (DEUTZ) Emmission Euro II

Compressor Capacity Control: Automatic, 0% -100% energy regulation

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