Cargo High Loader CHL-14T

Cargo High Loader CHL 14T

e High Loader CHL-7T boasts an above-average service life due to precisely de ned and calculated components for lifting and transport. Thee Unit’s front platform is precisely measured to be perfectly equipped for the respective cargo load.


Cargo High Loader CHL-14T


The CHL-14T is a diesel vehicle with a loading capacity of 14,000 kg (14US Tons) and a transport speed of 18 m/min. The chassis is based on a sturdy steel construction and reinforced to prevent damage and resist warping. There are a number of assembly components and characteristics that the CHL-14T has in common with the CHL-7T.

Guide rail operating width: 1,500 – 3,400 mm
Turning Radius : 13,800 mm
Weight: 32,000kg
Transport Speed: 18 m/min
Maximum Lifting/Lowering Time: 25- 45 sec
Travel Speed: 15km/h
Stroke height: 1,880 – 5,600 mm

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