Cargo High Loader CHL-3E

Electric Cargo High Loader CHL-3E

Our Cargo High loaders shows how ground support equipment can be economical and environmentally-friendly. The GREEN LINE makes freight handling on airports significantly more sustainable and supports airports in their reduction of CO2 emissions.


Electric Cargo High Loader CHL-3E


The CHL-3E, is part of a brand new generation of loading technology without the exhaust emmisions or noise pollution. The extremely flexible and manoeuvrable CHL-3E can be used as an aircraft loader and as a container or pallet transporter.

Battery Capacity: 930Ah/ 80V
Dimensions : 7,104 x 3,297, 1,600 mm
Conveyor Speed: 18m/mm
Travel Speed: 15km/h
Hydraulic System: Rexroth/Linde Load Sensing

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