Ground Power Unit 90kva: GPU-490

Ground Power Unit 90 kVA

Reference Number: GPU-490

Our Ground Power Unit GPU-490 is a diesel-powered generator that provides regulated 90 kVA, 400 Hz, 115/200VAC, 3-phase power to aircraft. It comes equipped with a Cummins Engine (Type 3 or Type 4i) and Marathon Generator (430PSL 1315). The unit comes with Deep Sea Controller for generator functions, Power Cable switch, Cable contractor switch, and Voltage Adjust Rheostat. Aircraft protection and Engine control and monitoring are also included.



Ground Power Unit GPU-490 kVA

Model Number: GPU-490

Specifications for Ground Power Unit GPU-490:

  • Model: TUG-GP400-90
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 119″ x 83″ x 76″ (302.3 cm x 210.8 cm x 193 cm)
  •  Engine: QSB 4.5 Tier 3, 155HP @ 2,000rpm OR QSB 4.5 Tier 4i, 155HP @ 2,000rpm
  • Mounted on 4-wheel trailer constructed of 2“ X 4“ rectangular steel tubing
  • Tank: external steel with braided steel fuel lines and 3 inch (7.6cm) fill
  • Capacity: 55 gallon, 8 hours run time @ fill load
  • Engine protection controlled by engine ECM.

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