Passenger Bus: AB-110

Passenger Bus AB 110

The AB-110 is both practical and comfortable. Through ergonomically designed for passenger and driver, the AB-110 offers improved safety features and better visibility to improve the ride and driving experience.


More features

  • safe structure
  • Optional ZF gearbox boasts higher reliability
  • Improved Fuel economy
  • Visibility: panoramic windscreen and multi-bar rearview mirrors, Integral large side windows
  • Separated control area for driver including storage space, four-spoke steering wheel and multi-functional intelligent control panel.
  • Optional disc brake featuring excellent brake and heat dissipation capability as well as low failure rate can increase the service life by 60%.


Passenger Bus

Model#: AB-110

Overall Dimensions (L xWxH): 7,190mm x 2,240 mm x 3,040mm

Maximum Speed: 110km/h

Engine:  YC4D140-20, 4- cylinder, diesel (Euro II) (Upgrades available)

Rated Power: 103kw/2,800rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 90 L (Diesel)

Transmission: DF5S550

Seats: 27 + 1 + 1

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With the engine thermal management technology, the temperature of the engine coolant remains at the optimal temperature for engines. Meanwhile, it enables the engine fan to run at desirable speed, thus prolonging the service life of engine and reducing the emissions.

  • More rational power matching: the powerful engine, multi-speed transmission and final drive adapting to various road conditions can achieve lower fuel consumption.
  • Optional engine thermal management system can save the fuel by 5-10%.
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