Potable Water Vehicle: PWV-40

The PWV-40 is designed to provide purified, safe drinkable water to aircraft. This Potable Water Vehicle is in full compliance with CAAC and international standards: IATA AHM 910, IATA AHM 913, IATA AHM 915, IATA AHM 970, MH/T 6014 etc. This mobile cart comes equipped with stainless steel reel and food-grade hose that is can extend easily.


Potable Water Vehicle
Model #: PW-40



Cart dimensions: 6,880mm x 2,180mm x 2,160mm

Wheel Base: 3,360 mm

Ground Clearance: 330 mm

Potable Tank capacity 4,000L

Gross cart weight:4,670 kg

Maximum speed: 40 km/hr

Engine: ISUZU 4KH1-TCG40, Diesel (Euro IV emissions)

Water Tank: 4 mm thick food-grade stainless steel with wave reduction panel

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